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Edited and slightly abridged by Lasha Darkmoon,
with minor additions not found in the original text.

How a false reality is being constructed for us

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“Beware of the red-eyed Infiltrator, known to many in the eastern lands as the ‘Whisperer’. His evil agents are everywhere. These hidden slitherers of mind manipulation wind their way into the secret chambers of the heart at every opportunity. Lies are what they carry, as mangy dogs carry fleas and ticks. They poison the mind with all manner of dangerous toxins and life defilement is their aim.” — Lasha Darkmoon, Unpublished Diary

Our reality is carefully constructed by powerful corporate, political and special interest sources in order to covertly sway public opinion. Blatant lies are often televised regarding terrorism, food, war, health, etc. They are fashioned to sway public opinion and condition viewers to accept what have become destructive societal norms.

The practice of manipulating and controlling public opinion with distorted media messages has become so common that there is a whole industry formed around this. The entire role of this brainwashing industry is to figure out how to spin information to journalists, similar to the lobbying of government. It is never really clear just how much truth the journalists receive because the news industry has become complacent. The messages that it presents are shaped by corporate powers who often spend millions on advertising.

Six conglomerates, which run this advertising,  own 90% of the media:  General Electric (GE), News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. Yet, these corporations function under many different brands, such as Fox, ABC, CNN, Comcast, Wall Street Journal, etc, giving people the perception of choice.

Mass brainwashing specialist L Wolfe has noted:

“As Tavistock’s researchers showed, it was important that the victims of mass brainwashing not be aware that their environment was being controlled; there should thus be a vast number of sources for information, whose messages could be varied slightly, so as to mask the sense of external control.”

New Brainwashing Tactics Called ‘Astroturf’

With alternative media on the rise, the propaganda machine continues to expand.

Below is a video of Sharyl Attkisson, investigative reporter with CBS, during which she explains how “astroturf,” or fake grassroots movements, are used to spin information not only to influence journalists but to sway public opinion.

“Astroturf is a perversion of grassroots,” Sharyl Attkinson explains.  “Astroturf is when political, corporate or other special interests disguise themselves and publish blogs, start Facebook and Twitter accounts, publish ads, letters to the editor, or simply post comments online, to try to fool you into thinking an independent or grassroots movement is speaking.”

How do you separate fact from fiction? Sharyl Attkisson finishes her talk with some insights on how to identify signs of propaganda and astroturf.

Here is a summary of astroturf tactics. Once you’re aware of them, you will notice just how popular they have become:

—  Creating of Wikipedia pages, monitored by corporations.
—  Creating a social media presence, including Facebook and Twitter accounts, run by paid professionals.
—  Secretly funding non-profit organizations to create third-party support and web presence.
—  Search engine optimizing web pages such as blogs and third-party sites that support a specific agenda.
—  Financing industry research that is deceitfully presented as independent opinion.
—  Funding experts working on unrelated projects, while in reality creating paid consultants.

These methods are used to give people the impression that there is widespread support for an agenda, when, in reality, no such agenda exists. Astroturf tactics are also used to discredit or criticize those who disagree with certain agendas, using stereotypical names such as “conspiracy theorist” or “quack” to make people turn away from the truth and accept lies instead.

LD:  Don’t miss this 10-minute video. It exposes the hidden techniques of the Mind Manipulators to suppress the truth and create an entirely fictional reality whose ultimate aim can only be described as diabolical: to poison the wells of existence and enslave mankind, bringing us all under the dominion of the Architects of Evil.

VIDEO: 10.36 mins

There has been a lot of divide in the pro-White movement lately.

There are a lot of great stand up men and women who want to come together and create a better life for ourselves and future white generations by ridding ourselves of the non-white orcs in our midst as well as freak shows like Bruce Jenner. We would like for future white kids to be able to grow up in a country where they are taught to be proud of the accomplishments of their race instead of being told that they are to blame for everything, where the sacrifice and hard work of their ancestors isn’t just handed off to an ungrateful mob of non-whites who always want more, where parents don’t have to worry about their five year old being taught about butt sex at school by homosexuals.

Then there’s the other group of “pro-White’s.” The MGTOW/alt-right folks who are making heroes out of losers like Middle Eastern rapist Roosh V who encourages a Peter Pan lifestyle in which males go out and try to bang everything they can. Many guys are only too happy to follow Roosh V and other PUA’s because according to them, everything is all women’s fault. Yes, EVERYTHING. 100%. Apparently, every man in the world is an innocent angel who has never done anything wrong and women are just evil, soulless bitches who sit around secretly plotting their demise.

To be fair, some of their anger is understandable. I too get pissed off when I see these smiling idiot European women holding up signs welcoming rapugees into their countries. I too get annoyed when I’m out at the grocery store and I see yet another white woman toting her mixed race mongrels around. I roll my eyes at these white women who just cannot wait to get on liberal sites like The Huffington Post and tell the world that they are married to a black guy, just so they can prove how awesome and not racist they are.

But it is wholly unfair and just plain wrong to place every square inch of the blame on women’s shoulders as if women just woke up one day and thought, “You know what? I’m just going to fuck up everything for the hell of it!”

Some manosphere guys seem to operate under the delusion that sixty years ago America was a perfect Leave-It-To-Beaver type of utopia where no one had any problems, but then one day feminism came along and women decided to throw it all away forever. Certainly feminism was a terrible thing that negatively impacted society and things were a lot better back then than they are now, but life was far from perfect. Many working class whites struggled to pay the bills just like they do now, and although the divorce rate wasn’t as high, there were still plenty of broken homes back then. There were abusive alcoholic mothers and fathers. There were both men and women who abandoned their children. There were women whose husband’s passed at an early age and they had to work so they could feed their kids so they were not able to stay home with them. Life was not perfect.

For every manosphere/MGTOW guy who says that everything happening now is all women’s fault, allow me to introduce you to our lovely hook-nosed friends, the JEWS. Consider everything they have done the past fifty years:

JEWS funded Martin Luther King Jr. and the snivel rights movement of the sixties.

JEWS had white children forced by gun point to go to school with black kids even though most white people at the time were against it. By forcing blacks to go to school with whites, white kids would become used to seeing black faces. By introducing them to white girls as early as possible, there was a higher chance of them dating blacks than if they were not.

JEWS have used slavery (which they were responsible for) for decades now as a tool to create white guilt by playing on our good nature.

JEWS own everything, including EVERY media outlet, so how would most people know what’s really going on when Jews have cleverly hid the agenda for so long? Do you really think CNN, Faux News, or MSNBC is going to run a story: “Tonight at seven, folks. How the Jews ruined everything.” Not likely.

JEWS funded the feminist movement. Every high profile feminist of the ‘70’s from Gloria Steinem to Susan Sontag to Betty Freidan was a Jewess. Gloria Steinem even admits in her own autobiography that Ms. Magazine, her feminist rag in the ‘70s was funded by the CIA, which of course is run by JEWS.

JEWS paid a lot of money to sell out blacks to produce the ear rape that is Rap Music and then promoted it via MTV, which (surprise!) is also owned by JEWS.

JEWS wrote and produced all of the sitcoms that have consistently portrayed white men as being dumb, lazy idiots incapable of accomplishing even the smallest of tasks.

JEWS also wrote and produced black sitcoms like The Cosby ShowFamily MattersA Different WorldFresh Prince of Bel-Air, etc., that always portrayed blacks in a positive light. No doubt this contributed to many white girls across America thinking of them as being “just like us” thereby allowing them to believe when they got older that it’s okay if they date them. After all, Will Smith is just so sweet and funny, gosh darn it! Most people don’t realize how susceptible kids are to TV PROGRAMMING. Until the age of twelve, children are very suggestible and it is easy to implant ideas in their subconscious. The JEWS know this because they are masters of psychology and manipulation. They have done an enormous amount of research and countless experiments for decades on psychology and how to brainwash the masses and they use “entertainment” for that very purpose.

JEWS invented the drug culture movement of the sixties as well as the rock music of that decade to encourage baby boomer teenagers to rebel and destroy everything good their parents had built.

JEWS convinced white people through the media and liberal college institutions that saying the word ‘nigger’ or even noticing black dysfunction is literally the worst thing a white person could ever do.

JEWS placed blacks front and center in sports and deliberately kept out talented white athletes so that young white boys would learn to worship their negro sports gods instead of Aryan athletes. It’s amazing that negroes throwing a ball around is considered some type of amazing accomplishment worth millions of dollars and endorsement deals.

JEWS have pushed race mixing in movies since 1967’s Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?, and have continued to do so. No doubt that the Magic Negro character, as witnessed in so many movies today, left a positive impression in many a young white girls minds.

JEWS make all the lifestyle magazines for men and women that turn us into degenerate, self-obsessed, materialistic losers (.i.e. CosmoRedbookVogue for women, and Maxim, Playboy, and Penthouse for men).

JEWS created the joke that is the school system. Why is this important you might ask? Because children are not actually taught anything. They are not taught analytical thinking skills. Instead they are told to memorize a bunch of useless crap and then regurgitate it onto a paper. If they are good at that, they get an A and told that they are smart. Children are taught to accept and not question the status quo, which means by the time they get out of school, they are good little compliant slaves. They never question authority or what the mainstream media says because they have been encouraged all their lives to switch that part of their brain off.

JEWS created the toxic vaccines and the MILLIONS of chemicals like aspartame, MSG, partially hydrogenated oil and yellow #5, which are in all of our processed foods. These toxins dumb kids down by effecting their brain chemistry, thus making them less intelligent and more easy to manipulate. Surely, it is obvious how much dumber some kids are today than they were just twenty years ago.

JEWS brought us the pornography industry and now little kids can access porn on their cell phones. Thanks JEWS!

JEWS created the biggest lie of all time and most people still believe it. I am of course talking about the Holohoax which brings us to…

JEWS own Hollywood and produce all the mind-numbing filth that comes out of it, including the six million Holohoax films shoved down our throat every single year.

JEWS create wars in shitty third world countries and then use pictures of dead kids to manipulate women into feeling bad so that they will allow towel head rapists into their country.

JEWS legalized abortion even though at that time over 75% of the country was against it. Even the woman in the infamous Roe v. Wade case now says she regrets her decision and that she was used to push an agenda. She is now a pro-life activist, but of course no one knows that because the JEW owned media won’t put her on television now. By JEWS legalizing abortion and pushing all different types of birth control, this encouraged women to engage in a Sex & The City type of lifestyle where casual sex replaced commitment.

JEWS financed singers like Madonna, Eminem, Miley Cyrus, and other “winners” to give kids shitty idols with no morals to emulate, thus destroying the decency and morality of many white kids all across the world. And don’t forget everyone’s favorite celebrity mud sharks, the Kardashians! They too are also brought to us courtesy of JEWS.

JEWS are wholly responsible for the gay agenda and the trans-gender agenda.

Now combine all of these things together: the toxic chemicals in our food and environment, the terrible school system that teaches nothing, the manipulation by JEWISH politicians and their enablers, plus all the brainwashing from TV, movies, and magazines that has been systematically done for decades, and then tell me that everything is still ALL women’s fault that society sucks. Really? You don’t think that maybe, just maybe…

it’s the JEWS, stupid!


Russian photographs show US special forces working with ISIS
Russia has released aerial photographs which they say show U.S. Army Special Forces working alongside ISIS militants in eastern Syria.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the newly released images show US Army equipment being used by ISIS in the town of Deir er-Zor.

In a statement posted on its Facebook page, the Russian Defense Ministry claim that U.S. Special Operations Forces units “enable US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces units to smoothly advance through the ISIS formations” and because they face no resistance from ISIS, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDK) units are “advancing along the left shore of the Euphrates toward Deir er-Zor.”

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

4:38 AM – Sep 24, 2017 reports: The newly released images “clearly show that US special ops are stationed at the outposts previously set up by ISIS militants.”

“Despite that the US strongholds being located in the ISIS areas, no screening patrol has been organized at them,” the Russian Ministry of Defense said.

This could mean that the US military staff “feel absolutely safe” in the area which is held by the terrorists, the ministry of defense stated.

 Though, the ministry claims to have identified, among others, cars, armored vehicles and tents, it does not provide information on the exact whereabouts of the US troops on the images posted.

All of the images were taken from September 8 to 12. The photos show several Cougar infantry mobility vehicles and Hummer armored vehicles of the US Army special forces, according to the Russian MoD data.

The images released by the Russian Defense Ministry encourage speculation that the US and SDF forces have some sort of “understanding” with IS terrorists operating in the region, according to Ammar Waqqaf, the director of the Gnosos think tank.

“From the footage, the Americans seem to be and the SDF seem to be quite at leisure, they are not expecting any attack any time soon,” Waqqaf told RT. “The reason why this may be the case is that there has been some sort of understandings with ISIS over there. Probably they were given some amnesty, that they are not going to be prosecuted, … or they were given guarantees that they would not be given back to the state.”

Earlier in September, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov accused the SDF of collusion with ISIS terrorists.

“SDF militants work to the same objectives as IS terrorists. Russian drones and intelligence have not recorded any confrontations between IS and the ‘third force,’ the SDF,” Konashenkov said.

The city of Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria was besieged by Islamic State in 2014. The Syrian Army, supported by the Russian Air Force, broke a three-year blockade on the city in early September. The city’s liberation enabled convoys to start delivering food, medicine, and other essentials to the city, which previously had to rely on airdrops.

The liberation of Deir ez-Zor triggered a race between Syrian government forces and US-backed SDF militants. Both are holding separate operations in the area and are aiming to control the oil rich Deir ez-Zor province.




Editor’s Comment: Even in the incredible age of live-streaming and millions of sources of digital reports that bypass the mainstream media, there is still no substitute for personal experience. Jon Rappoport is my senior by several years, and by several revolutions in the cycle of mainstream thought, which means, essentially, millions of miles traveled; nonetheless, his experiences remind me of my own, and the quality of tough lessons learned, the effect of hypocrisy is shattering things and institutions that once made sense.

At times it occurs to me that what is worst about the media, megacorporations and Fortune 100 companies whose box stores make of the contents of our lives in so many ways, and whose ideas and products infiltrate and replace real things in our lives, and put in their place false, ersatz novelties and stand-ins with toxic by-products and cancerous side-effects – what is worst about this, before the rest of it – is the thoughtless exercise, and yet conscious choice, that we all made to accept ready-made and pre-packaged ideas about what to do; about what we should do; about what the appropriate tool or thing is that we need for the thing.

Before we’ve even learned to develop our own intuition, innate abilities, and acquire skill, knowledge – and especially perspective, we have learned to accept someone else’s short-cut version of it.

We learn to recognize, interact with or obey the dictates of countless devices and positions of authority that merely match-up preordained concepts of what should be.

The vast majority of the population have shut down their own creative centers, and agreed to rubber stamp reality. This is true solidly, and throughout, and even in institutions which should do some good, like church or government, and in counter-culture institutions which should be exposing the evils but eventually take part in them, like punk bands, third parties and alternative media outlets.

As for my own memories of the fake news business… you’ll have to use your own imagination.


My memories from the fake news business

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News

“The true job of a reporter is using facts to overturn reality. Things are already upside down, and his job is to show that. In his work, he has to be relentless. This inevitably leads him to publishing his own words, on his own, because entrenched press outlets are in the business of propping up the very reality he aims to expose. He can’t go to them for publication. Once he learns that, he’s launched, and his life is never the same. It improves exponentially.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

There was the time a newspaper publisher inserted his own paragraph at the top of my story, under my name, as if I wrote it. He didn’t tell me. I found out later when the paper came out. I called him up. He was clueless. To him, his intrusion meant nothing. It was my story, but it was his newspaper. I learned something. If you want your own words, and only your words, to stand, publish them yourself.

There was the time I wrote a story about a dubious drug/supplement people were selling under the counter at health food stores. I took the supplement for a week and folded my experiences into the article, which was mainly about the unfounded “scientific background” in the package insert. The editor couldn’t fathom how a story could contain “two separate threads.” He axed half my story. I learned something. If you want your own words to stand, publish them yourself.

There was the time I wrote a piece about widespread fraud in psychiatric diagnosis. The editor claimed I had employed “too much logic” and not enough “expert opinion.” He said “original research” was “out.” To no avail, I pointed out that logic was in the public domain, and therefore my “original research” could be checked. I learned something. If you want your own words to stand, publish them yourself.

An editor once told me an article I’d written criticizing a senator wouldn’t be published. My harsh criticism was valid, he said, but readers might infer that the newspaper was turning against the senator’s political party. I learned something. If you want your own words to stand, publish them yourself.

Once my career as a reporter was launched, magazine editors began contacting me with all sorts of proposed assignments. The subjects of the stories were boring, to say the least. I soon realized the editors were using those stories to fill out their no-context version of reality. I learned something. If you don’t want your words to be published, don’t submit them.

A newspaper editor once told me (paraphrasing from memory): “This story you wrote…part of the reason we don’t want to publish it is we don’t want to give it the contagion factor. If we publish it, other news outlets will pick up on it. We’re in an echo chamber. We ricochet stories back and forth. We all use the same experts to bolster our stories. So we take your controversial story and publish it, and then when the roar gets loud enough in the echo chamber, people are going to object. And we’ll be the ones they blame because we started it.”

I said to an editor, a year or so after 9/11: If I could give you ironclad evidence, from many reputable sources, proving that the planes crashing into the Towers couldn’t have caused them to fall, would you print the story? He said: The official story is already in place. There’s no way anyone could dislodge it now. I said: So it doesn’t matter what the truth is. He said: It matters, maybe 30 years in the future, but probably not.

A publisher once told me: We have our own definition of “controversial.” We decide what that is. It’s not your definition. It’s okay to write about impeaching a president, but if you find out there are people behind the scenes who are managing the presidency, people who aren’t in government, we wouldn’t touch that. If we did, that would break the mold. Everything would be up for grabs. People would realize most of what we publish is a tempest in a teapot, because there are more powerful forces at work.

An editor told me: After a big environmental catastrophe, we cover the story for a little while and then we let it go. We don’t want to look like we’re attacking the polluters too hard. So we don’t track what’s happening every day or every week. We let it go, and then after a few months or a year, we write a follow-up piece. We’re not crusaders. We don’t want to look like we’re out to get somebody. That would injure our reputation. We’re not muckrakers. We might favor a point of view, but we don’t lean on it too hard.

These and other similar encounters convinced me, 25 years ago, to step away from the news business. “Somebody else” is always running things. Their quirks and agendas are corrosive. They’ve gained their positions through compromise. They know that and accept it. And then they set about forgetting it.

Now, in the “information age,” these mainstream professionals are howling about fake news; they’re burying, even deeper, their knowledge that they are the prime fakers.

“I fake it, I bury my fakery deeper and deeper, and then I scream at other people for faking it.”

These are the actions of a temperamental child. And indeed, these people are angry little children in adult bodies. Luckily, they’ve found a business that honors that grotesque configuration. They’ve found a home.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALEDEXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29thDistrict of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

Some people still aren’t sure on this point, so just for the record, yes: US government domestic propaganda use against American citizens has been fully made legal.

Looking around at what’s going on in “the news” today, that certainly explains a lot, doesn’t it?

You see kids, once upon a time way back in 1948, we had something known as the Smith-Mundt Act (or, more officially, The US Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948). In a shift from wartime to peacetime use of propaganda as an instrument of the new post-World War II foreign policy, this act specified that the State Department’s propaganda operations be implemented strictly outside (key word “outside”) of US borders.

The first restriction on this act was specifically to prohibit domestic propaganda dissemination, with assurances that Congress, academia, and the mainstream media would filter out the government’s foreign propaganda.

As you can see, that has obviously worked out really well in the last 70 years. If you’ll recall, the CIA was even caught back in the 70s using its own planted journalists in American print media and television to get around the restriction on bringing the government’s foreign propaganda home.

Fast forward to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013, in which the Smith-Mundt Act was officially amended to allow American pro-government propaganda materials produced by the State Department and Broadcasting Board of Governors to be released inside the United States.

In other words, from then on Government use of propaganda against the American people became legal in the “interests of national security”.

And free game. Obviously. Why else would we have scenes like this State Department spokesman bursting into laughter at welcoming the journalists to his press conference, which he referred to sarcastically as an “exercise in transparency and democracy”:

They aren’t even trying to pretend anything they say is true anymore.


(Truthstream Media) We are not putting this video up to judge another person’s suffering.

We are putting this video up because there’s a distinct and disturbing absence of suffering. There’s an eerie absence of really any emotions at all.

This interview was conducted, according to the interviewer, just 24 hours after these people’s mother was supposedly gunned down in cold blood in Charleston on June 17th.

Watch for yourself. There’s nothing here. No shock. Not the “love” they claim they feel, not even the “forgiveness,” and certainly an alarming absence of grief or really just any emotions at all — positive or negative.

The young man talks about how he was “briefed” on the situation like someone called to let him know that, oh by the way, it might rain later. We’ve seen people show more emotion at a diner when a waitress brings a cup of coffee that isn’t fresh. There is just a startling lack of emotion that would normally emanate from a human being who has just been through a tragic event.

This isn’t even shock. It’s just nothing. It’s like a blank slate. It’s like watching robots talk.

It’s just as RedSilverJ says in the video; it’s as if they went straight to the acceptance stage at lightning speed. In fact, RedSilverJ from TeamWakeEmUP has more emotion narrating the video he put up on this than these two people in the video have throughout the entire interview.

It’s actually very hard to watch.

It reminds us of the video of Robbie Parker, the father at Sandy Hook, who is seen laughing moments before his press conference, then steeling himself and flipping from happy to sad in seconds for the cameras right before he starts to speak, just the way an actor would do right before taking part in a sketch on Saturday Night Live or something.

Call it crisis actors, call it whatever version of MKUltra we’re on these days, call it whatever you want. It’s just…

Something is not right here and if you pay attention for more than thirty seconds, you can feel it.

We knew this whole thing looked suspect when Al Sharpton already had a front row seat, announcing his appearance on Morning Joe at 6:30 am just hours after the shooting; when even Reuters was pushing the race baiting card, recalling everything from segregation to Sandy Hook to the 2nd Amendment to 9/11 and homegrown domestic extremists in their kitchen sink reporting of the “facts” first thing; when Karl Rove, a supposed conservative, is on Fox News right away calling for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment as the only way to stop the violence (a move which will ensure that only criminals who commit mass shootings like this one and the government will be the only ones with guns in this country)…

There’s a reason certain events make it to the national establishment media stage.

…it’s another Wag the Dog.

In other news, Reuters is now reporting that the Justice Department has fast-tracked $29 million dollars to the families of the Charleston shooting victims.



This Huffington Post, Goy Bye, caption made a lot of Jews 
nervous because it acknowledged 
there indeed is a race war in America not between Blacks and Whites, but between Jews (and their minions) vs. Goyim. 
Jews and Gentiles are both in denial.  The Masonic (Communist) Jewish Conspiracy is real. 
Are the bankers stoking race tensions to scare  Jews and discredit patriots?  
(How can there be a genuine race war when the leaders of the goyim are Zionists Stephen Bannon has said he is not an ethnic nationalist, except when it comes to Jews (Zionism.) Then, this paragon of US nationalism will include preserving ethnic character.)  
by Henry Makow Ph. D. 
The Huffington Post was back-pedalling almost as soon as the “Bye-Goy” headline appeared August 18 in response to Stephen Bannon’s banishment from the Trump White House.
Many Jews “thought it was offensive and played into age-old anti-Semitic tropes about Jewish control,” wrote the Jewish
“I love your work, but wish you hadn’t gone with this headline,” journalist Julia Ioffe wrote.


“Yes, this is disgusting, on so many levels,” Joel Berkowitz, founder of the Digital Yiddish Theatre Project responded on Twitter.
The Anti-Defamation League even weighed in. “Not sure your intent, but strikes me as poor taste at best, very offensive at worst,” ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt wrote in a tweet.
The headline was removed, replaced instead with the (also provocative) “White Flight.” Lydia Polgreen, HuffPo’s editor in chief tweeted an an explanation.
“HuffPost splash headlines have always been edgy and playful,” she wrote. “Today’s splash was intended to be a mashup tribute to Yiddish and Beyoncé. Any other interpretation was completely unintended.”
The change to “White Flight” in  fact emphasizes the racial implications of Bannon’s dismissal. He is considered responsible for all the dog whistles in the Trump campaign promising to liberate the Gentiles from Masonic Jewish domination.


“The central base of world political power is right here in America, and it is our corrupt political establishment that is the greatest power behind the efforts at radical globalization and the disenfranchisement of working people,” Trump said on the campaign trail.  “Their financial resources are virtually unlimited, their political resources are unlimited, their media resources are unmatched, and most importantly, the depths of their immorality is absolutely unlimited.”
By firing Stephen Bannon, and later Seb Gorka, Trump was breaking part of his “Contract with America.”  Jews celebrated. But nationalists must consider there will not likely be a race war
because Bannon and Breitbart are all Zionists.
The incident inspired a debate among Jews as to whether the term goyim is actually derogatory.  In an article entitled, Why I Won’t Stop using the Term Goy,  ForwardExecutive Editor Dan Friedman disingenuously argues that the term simply refers to “the nations.”
But “goy” is neither at heart offensive nor has it become offensive through usage. For those Jews who believe that being the Chosen people makes us better than others, it’s easy to see how the term could easily slip to insult. 
Friedman’s remarks were in response to an earlier, more realistic article by Rebecca Einstein Schorr: Stop Using the Word Goy: You’re Empowering White Supremacists 
While the origin of the word is benign, the pejorative overtone of the word goy is not new. Take, for example, the phrase, goyisher kop — a gentile head. Not a term for any non-Jew, goyishe kop refers to an “idiot.” Or the observation that “the goyishe groomsmen were all drunk and bawdy; of course, you’d never see that at a Jewish wedding.” The moral implication could not be clearer.
In other words, to say that the word goy historically has not been a slur is simply incorrect. It has long been used by Jews in a negative sense when talking about non-Jews who cannot be trusted and whose values writ large are lacking…


(left, Charlottesville nationalists look as phoney as a $3 bill. This is theatre.) 
Ultimately, however, it is our word. One with a historical use that is neutral, at best, and extremely offensive, at worst. And if we are to be allies with our non-Jewish friends, neighbors, and family members, it is time to eliminate it and other racially and culturally derogatory words from our parlance. Not because, as some have suggested, we want to be “politically-correct,” but because it is how we maintain God’s demand that we be goy kadosh — a holy nation.
Both Friedman and Schorr’s remarks reflect the Jewish state of self-delusion. Jews simply do not realize the true nature of their religious affiliation and the jeopardy it places them in. Most have never read the Talmud which is founded on the principle that non-Jews are animals put on earth to serve Jews. The term “Goyim” refers to these animals i.e. cattle.
There is an incredible cognitive dissonance taking place when Jews hurl the aspersion “hate” at people who are simply resisting the hatred which is central to one of their most important religious texts, the Talmud.


The essence of their other central text, the Kabbalah is that Jews channel God’s will. They will redefine reality to serve their interests and perversions, and the goyim will be re-engineered and exploited accordingly. This is the true meaning of the New World Order.  The goy establishment has been created and defined by Kabbalah (i.e. Freemasonry.) Many Jews are warm, brilliant and industrious people. But they’re not “a holy nation.” Their leaders dupe them to champion “the underdog” to undermine their rivals.
Organized Jewry are the only people who have a licence to hate. They hate anyone who resists their dispensation.  Anyone who wants to be master in his own house is their enemy. They hate Trump because he seems to offer a lifeline for the people they wish to dispossess.
Ordinary Jews have a choice. Ignore the truth, and hope to benefit, or dissociate themselves from Organized Jewry, as I have done and champion a genuine diversity where various nations, races and religions retain their identity, and are masters of their own domain.
 The goal of Freemasonry is the triumph of Communism.  The Masonic bankers (Soros etc.) are fanning racial tension to discredit the right. We have seen signs of this hoax in Charlottesville where the “Unite the Right” rally was organized by a leftist Jew, Jason Kessler.  The other leaders of alt right seem to be plants as well. An eye witness saidAntifa and KKK arrived on the same buses!  Victim, Heather Heyer’s mom began her acting career at Sandy Hook. Are these psyops just a way to discredit Trump and nationalists?
Tom Mysiewicz has an interesting take on Charlottesville: “As for the actual provocateur in Charlottesville, we are now hearing reports that his case is similar to the recent Varnell indictmentThat alleged white nationalist/racist supposedly wanted to bomb banks and the Federal Reserve yet the car he drove was not his, he had no driver’s license, he was in an adult guardianship, that he was given the car by the FBI who groomed him, that he had been repeatedly institutionalized. (We hear nothing about Fields in the Charlottesville case, likely because his records were sealed under HIPAA, which is likely as you are hearing little or nothing about him.)”
Patriots need to find a way to resist the America’s slide into Communist tyranny. I’ll give you an example: People should join together to start an agency to fund lawsuits against Internet companies that censor free speech. We need to go after media companies for bias. We need to fund groups like Judicial Watch. We need to fight for freedom, for sanity and for our children’s children’s future.
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(We shriek at the position of women in Saudi Arabia but in Chicago in 1912,
 a woman could be fined for showing too much leg.)
Until we recognize that mankind is in the grip of a powerful satanic force, we will remain defenceless. Illuminati (Communist) social engineers are waging an undeclared war on society. By attacking gender identity and separating sex from marriage & procreation, they hope to divert, degrade and re-engineer us. The Illuminati always understood that the way to sabotage society was to corrupt women.
The Treadmill of Sex and Romance &
Getting Sex Under Control
Updated from March 18, 2006

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

The hallmark of civilization is the limitation of sex to love and marriage. This humanizes sex and promotes the formation of families, which are essential to the renewal of society.

The alternative is “free love” where man is essentially a dog and woman a fire hydrant. Throughout my life, I was taught that the dog-fire hydrant approach (sex for its own sake) is actually worthwhile and profound, that sexual inhibition causes neurosis, and orgasms are mystical etc.

Woody Allen summed it up: “For an empty experience, sex is the best there is.”

Lets put this conflict in historical perspective. As recently as 55 years ago, our sexual mores were governed by Christian principles. In 1960, there was still a social stigma against illegitimate children. I don’t favor unkindness toward anyone but this stigma was removed by a powerful force determined to destroy the institution of the family.

We shriek at the position of women in Saudi Arabia but in Chicago in 1912, a woman could be fined for showing too much leg.

Ben Hecht recalls that the police arrested women for “smoking cigarettes, for shopping without their corsets on…for using profanity…for wearing slacks and shorts, for kissing in public, for wearing a man’s hat, for sitting alone in a cafe or drinking in a saloon, for driving an automobile without a male in attendance, for putting too much paint on their faces or cutting their hair too short.” (A Child of the Century, p. 47)

This is a reminder that our civilization was founded on Christian values. These proscriptions were extreme and needed reform but they had a sound basis. They were designed to reserve a woman’s sexuality for her role as wife and mother as opposed to sexual profligate.

The forces that removed these taboos also denigrated the role of wife and mother and turned many women into public utilities. Deprived of their natural role, many young women are in crisis, binging on drugs alcohol and sex. See one lady’s account in her book“Smashed.”

Suicide rates for teenage girls have reached a 40-year high.  Motherhood is the destiny of most women — their fulfillment. Take that away and there is not much left.

Occult forces are gradually inducting us into their sex cult without our knowledge. “Secular” is their term for satanic. The “freedom” they trumpet is freedom from the self-discipline necessary to follow our operating manual and grow healthy and happy.


The Illuminati have produced books that pressure women to overcome their inhibitions about having casual sex.

Typical is “Happy Hook-Up: A Single Girl’s Guide to Casual Sex” which counsels women to proudly embrace the labels “whore” and “slut.”

Authors Alexa Sherman and Nicole Tocantins pretend to be offering women “options” (as with careers.) Typically, their real agenda is coercive and subversive, to prevent women from getting married and starting families.


“Cultural norms will catch up with us if we give them no choice,” the authors write. “We, as females, need to show the world that sex without commitment is absolutely our prerogative… Say, “I’m a slut I’m a whore! I love sex!” and mean it. Society needs to change and begin to encourage women to find pleasure for pleasure’s sake.”

Although pleasurable sex is most readily available in the context of a loving marriage, this isn’t considered an “option.”

This perverse propaganda is yet another assault on marriage and family, the institutions that sustain society and gives us identity, meaning, guidance and support as individuals.


Women are naturally monogamous. Surveys indicate they do not find casual sex satisfying and mostly regret it. Why would a stranger care about her satisfaction?

Sex used to be called “making love.” Men express their love by giving pleasure and vice versa. A woman needs a man’s love like a flower needs sunshine.  Sexual intercourse isan act of possession. 

Thus “Happy Hook-up” is devoted to helping women overcome their natural instincts to bond with a man.

Women are instructed not to get to know their sex partner too well. “Try not to discuss too much about your past or future or his. That said, it never hurts to inquire about his sexual history [and] gauge what risks are involved. Then, focus on the action and the action alone.”

They are told to terminate the relationship after one or two trysts and distract themselves with work or hobbies.

Don’t think about “what’s going to happen next, whether he’s going to call you, want you and be your everything. It’s just not going to happen honey. At least don’t expect it to. Stay in control…accept that that’s it. Finito. The end. Flip him over. He’s done.”


It is perverse to divorce sex from propagation, and fixate on it for pleasure.

I’m NOT saying sex should be confined to procreation. I AM saying it is designed to take place in the psychological and social context of procreation, i.e. marriage or a long-term loving relationship.


Nature has put an alluring bloom on young women for an obvious reason, and it fades in time with their fertility. They must marry and have a family or end up alone for most of their lives.

“Sexual liberation” sanctions and encourages this callous and primitive behavior and invites the woman to collude in her own exploitation and degradation.

It allows the male to take the only thing that interests him and ignore the woman’s needs in terms of her natural life cycle as a wife, mother and grandmother. It does not empower women; just the opposite.

Sexual intercourse represents the essence of her commitment to her future husband and offspring. Women who have had many partners find it more difficult to bond to one man, and consequently he has difficulty bonding with her.

Free sex is promoted in order to destroy the heterosexual family. The bankers who financed Communism (and Feminism) want the State to replace the father as head of the family.Camille Paglia says as much. 

In their vision, the family of the future will have no husband or father. This is straight out of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World where babies are born in test tubes. Over half of children born to Millennials are born out-of-wedlock.


We cannot underestimate the damage Hollywood has done, and continues to do, by mystifying beautiful young women, romance and sexual intercourse. They are not all thatbut unrealistic expectations fostered by Hollywood have debased human relations and made it much more difficult for men and women to form successful long term unions.

A young man should choose a wife who will help him achieve his goals. One of these goals should be a family. Children are projections of us into the future. They are our offering to God, an Act of Faith. The young man should find a woman who complements him and is easy to live with.

Subconsciously, women want men who serve God. Men (and women) were created to be God’s agents. We know God by doing His will, by serving Him through our actions. Women serve God by serving husband and children and are loved, honored and served in return. When women serve themselves, they end up alone and bitter.


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Anti-nuclear rallies marking the attack on Hiroshima don’t distinguish between nuclear energy and weapons [Reuters]

There are battles being fought on two fronts in the five months since a massive earthquake and tsunami damaged the Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan.

On one front, there is the fight to repair the plant, operated by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and to contain the extent of contamination caused by the damage. On the other is the public’s fight to extract information from the Japanese government, TEPCO and nuclear experts worldwide.

The former battle has yielded serious official humiliation, resulting high-profile resignations, scandals, and promises of reform in Japan’s energy industry whereas the latter has so far resulted in a storm of anger and mistrust.

Even most academic nuclear experts, seen by many as the middle ground between the anti-nuclear activists and nuclear lobby itself, were reluctant to say what was happening: That in Fukushima, a community of farms, schools and fishing ports, was experiencing a full-tilt meltdown, and that, as Al Jazeera reported in June, that the accident had most likely caused more radioactive contamination than the Chernobyl disaster 25 years ago.

Read more of our coverage of Japan’s disasters

As recently as early August, those seeking information on the real extent of the damage at the Daiichi plant and on the extent of radioactive contamination have mostly been reassured by the nuclear community that there’s no need to worry.

This is troubling because while both anti-nuclear activists and the nuclear lobby both have openly stated biases, academics and researchers are seen as the middle ground – a place to get accurate, unbiased information.

David Biello, the energy and climate editor at Scientific American Online, said that trying to get clear information on a scenario such as the Daiichi disaster is tough.

“There’s a lot of secrecy that can surround nuclear power because some of the same processes can be involved in generating electricity that can also be involved in developing a weapon, so there’s a kind of a veil of secrecy that gets dropped over this stuff, that can also obscure the truth” said Biello.

“So, for example in Fukushima, it was pretty apparent that a total meltdown had occurred just based on what they were experiencing there … but nobody in a position of authority was willing to say that.”

A high-stakes game

There’s no denying that there’s a lot of money – and power – riding on the nuclear industry.

The money trail can be tough to follow – Westinghouse, Duke Energy and the Nuclear Energy Institute (a “policy organisation” for the nuclear industry with 350 companies, including TEPCO, on its roster) did not respond to requests for information on funding research and chairs at universities.

But most of the funding for nuclear research does not come directly from the nuclear lobby, said M.V. Ramana, a researcher at Princeton University specialising in the nuclear industry and climate change. Most research is funded by governments, who get donations – from the lobby (via candidates, political parties or otherwise).

The Center for Responsive Politics – a non-partisan, non-profit elections watchdog group – noted that even as many lobbying groups slowed their spending the first quarter of the year, the Nuclear industry “appears to be ratcheting up its lobbying” increasing its multi-million dollar spending.

“In the United States, a lot of the money doesn’t come directly from the nuclear industry, but actually comes from the Department of Energy (DOE). And the DOE has a very close relationship with the industry, and they sort of try to advance the industry’s interest,” said Ramana. Indeed, nuclear engineering falls under the “Major Areas of Research” with the DOE, which also has nuclear weapons under its rubric.

The DOE’s 2012 fiscal year budge request to the US Congress for nuclear energy programmes was $755m.

“So those people who get funding from that….it’s not like they (researchers) want to lie, but there’s a certain amount of, shall we say, ideological commitment to nuclear power, as well as a certain amount of self-censorship.”  It comes down to worrying how their next application for funding might be viewed, he said.

Kathleen Sullivan, an anti-nuclear specialist and disarmament education consultant with the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs, said it’s not surprising that research critical of the nuclear energy and weapons isn’t coming out of universities and departments that participate in nuclear research and development.

Naoto Kan, Japan’s prime minister, vowed to challenge the “myth of safety” of nuclear power [Reuters]

“It (the influence) of the nuclear lobby could vary from institution to institution,” said Sullivan. “If you look at the history of nuclear weapons manufacturing in the United States, you can see that a lot of research was influenced perverted, construed in a certain direction.”

Sullivan points to the DOE-managed Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at the University of California in Berkley (where some of the research for the first atomic bomb was done) as an example of how intertwined academia and government-funded nuclear science are.

The situation really isn’t much different in the field of nuclear energy, said Sullivan.

“It’s all part and parcel to itself.”

Of course this isn’t unique to the nuclear industry – all energy lobbies fund research one way or another. But the consequences of self-censorship when it comes to the potential downsides of nuclear energy are far more dire, than, say, for wind power.

“For nuclear physics to proceed, the only people interested in funding it are pro-nuclear folks, whether that be industry or government,” said Biello. “So if you’re involved in that area you’ve already got a bias in favour of that technology … if you study hammers, suddenly hammers seem to be the solution to everything.”

And should they find results unfavourable to the industry, Ramana said they would “dress it up in various ways by saying ‘Oh, there’s a very slim chance of this, and here are some safety measure we recommend,’ and then the industry will say, ‘Yeah,yeah, we’re incorporating all of that.'”

Ramana, for the record, said that while he’s against nuclear weapons, he doesn’t have a moral position on nuclear power except to say that as a cost-benefit issue, the costs outweigh the benefits, and that “in that sense, expanding nuclear power isn’t a good idea.”

But generally speaking, he said that nuclear researchers have a stake in reassuring the pubic that nothing bad is happening.

“‘How is this going to affect the future of nuclear power?’That’s the first thought that came into their heads,” said Ramana, adding, “They basically want to ensure that people will keep constructing nuclear power plants.”

For instance, a May report by MIT’s Center For Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (where TEPCO funds a chair) points out that while the Daiichi disaster has resulted in “calls for cancellation of nuclear construction projects and reassessments of plant license extensions” which might “lead to a global slow-down of the nuclear enterprise,” that  “the lessons to be drawn from the Fukushima accident are different.”

Among the report’s closing thoughts are concerns that “Decision-making in the  immediate aftermath of a major crisis is often influenced by emotion,” and whether”an accident like Fukushima, which is so far beyond design basis, really warrant a major overhaul of current nuclear safety regulations and practises?”

“If so,” wonder the authors, “When is safe safe enough? Where do we draw the line?”

The Japanese public, it seems, would like some answers to those very questions, albeit from a different perspective.

Kazuo Hizumi, a Tokyo-based human rights lawyer, is among those pushing for openness. He is also an editor at News for the People in Japan, a news site advocating for transparency from the government and from TEPCO.

With contradicting information and lack of clear coverage on safety and contamination issues, many have taken to measuring radiation levels with their own Geiger counters.

“They do not know how to do it,” he said of some of the community groups and individuals who have taken to measure contamination levels in the air, soil and food.

“But mothers are worried about their children so much and Japanese government has to consider their worries.”

report released in July by Human Rights Now highlights the need for immediately accessible information on health and safety in areas where people have been affected by the disaster, including Fukushima, especially on the issues of contaminated food and evacuation plans.

A ‘nuclear priesthood’

Biello describes the nuclear industry is a relatively small, exclusive club.

“The interplay between academia and also the military and industry is very tight. It’s a small community…they have their little club and they can go about their business without anyone looking over their shoulder. ”

This might explain how, as the Associated Press reported in June, that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission was “working closely with the nuclear power industry to keep the nationalise ageing reactors operating within standards or simply failing to enforce them.”

However, with this exclusivity comes a culture of secrecy – “a nuclear priesthood,” said Biello, which makes it very difficult to parse out a straightforward answer in the very technical and highly politicised field.

“You have the proponents, who believe that it is the technological salvation for our problems, whether that’s energy, poverty, climate change or whatever else. And then you have opponents who think that it’s literally the worst thing that ever happened and should be immediately shut back up in a box and buried somewhere,” said Biello, who includes “professors of nuclear engineering and Greenpeace activists” as passionate opponents on the nuclear subject.

In fact, one is hard pressed to find a media report quoting a nuclear scientist at any major university sounding the alarms on the risks of contamination in Fukushima.

Doing so has largely been the work of anti-nuclear activists (who have an admitted bias against the technology) and independent scientists employed by think tanks, few of whom responded to requests for interviews.

Even anthropologists who study the behaviour of those working in the nuclear power industry, refused to comment on the culture of secrecy that surrounds it.

The situation is much the same in Japan, said Hizumi, with “only a few who give people true information.”

So, one’s best bet, said Biello, is to try and “triangulate the truth” – to take “a dose” from anti-nuclear activists, another from pro-nuclear lobbyists and throw that in with a little bit of engineering and that’ll get you closer to the truth.

“Take what everybody is saying with a grain of salt.”

Nobody likes bad news

Since World War II, the process of secrecy – the readiness to invoke “national security” – has been a pillar of the nuclear establishment…that establishment, acting on the false assumption that “secrets” can be hidden from the curious and knowledgeable, has successfully insisted that there are answers which cannot be given and even questions which cannot be asked.

The net effect is to stifle debate about the fundamental of nuclear policy. Concerned citizens dare not ask certain questions, and many begin to feel that these matters which only a few initiated experts are entitled to discuss.

If the above sounds like a post-Fukushima statement, it is not. It was written by Howard Morland for the November 1979 issue of The Progressive magazine focusing on the hydrogen bomb as well as the risks of nuclear energy.

The US government – citing national security concerns – took the magazine to court in order to prevent the issue from being published, but ultimately relented during the appeals process when it became clear that the information The Progressive wanted to publish was already public knowledge and that pursuing the ban might put the court in the position of deeming the Atomic Energy Act as counter to First Amendment rights (freedom of speech) and therefore unconstitutional in its use of prior restraint to censor the press.

“Exciting Nuclear Land” is part of the Japanese school curriculum

But, of course, that’s in the US, although a similar mechanism is at work in Japan, where a recently created task force aims to “cleanse” the media of reportage that casts an unfavourable light on the nuclear industry (they refer to this information as “inaccurate” or a result of “mischief.”

The government has even gone so far as to accept bids from companies that specialise in scouring the internet to monitor for online reports, Tweets and blogs that are critical of its handling of the Daiichi disaster, which has presented a unique challenge to the lobby there.

Hizumi said that the move to police online content on the disaster has upset the Japanese pubic and that the president of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations has openly criticised the policy.

“The public fully trusted the Japanese Government,” said Hizumi. But the absence of “true information” has massively diminished that trust, as, he said, has the public’s faith that TEPCO would be open about the potential dangers of a nuclear accident.

But Japan’s government has a history of slow response to TEPCO’s cover-ups. In 1989, Kei Sugaoka, a nuclear energy at General Electric who inspected and repaired plants in Japan and elsewhere, said he spotted cracks in steam dryers and a “misplacement” or 180 degrees in one dryer unit. He noticed that the position of the dryer was later omitted from the inspection record’s data sheet.

Sugaoka told a Japanese networkthat TEPCO had instructed him to “erase” the flaws, but he ultimately wrote a whistleblowing letter to METI, which resulted in the temporary 17 TEPCO reactors, including ones at the plant in Fukushima.

“I guess, just, you know, they’re not being open to the public. They should be more open to the public,” said Sugaoka.

“Everything is always kept a secret.”

But the Japanese nuclear lobby has been quite active in shaping how people see nuclear energy. The country’s Ministry of Education, together with the Natural Resources Ministry (of of two agencies under Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry – METI – overseeing nuclear policies) even provides schools with a nuclear energy information curriculum.

These worksheets – or education supplements – are used to inform children about the benefits of nuclear energy over fossil fuels.

Fukushima = Chernobyl?

Depending on who you believe, either Fukushima is another Chernobyl – in terms of the severity of the accident and risks of contamination – or it’s nothing like the 1986 disaster.

There’s reason to believe that at least in one respect, Fukushima can’t and won’t be another Chernobyl, at least due to the fact that the former has occurred in the age of the Internet whereas the latter took place in the considerably quaint 80s, when a car phone the size of a brick was considered the height of communications technology to most.

“It (a successful cover up) is definitely a danger in terms of Fukushima, and we’ll see what happens. All you have to do is look at the first couple of weeks after Chernobyl to see the kind of cover up,” said Biello.

“I mean the Soviet Union didn’t even admit that anything was happening for a while, even though everybody was noticing these radiation spikes and all these other problems. The Soviet Union was not admitting that they were experiencing this catastrophic nuclear failure… in Japan, there’s a consistent desire, or kind of a habit, of downplaying these accidents, when they happen. It’s not as bad as it may seem, we haven’t had a full meltdown.”

Fast forward to 2011, when video clips of each puff of smoke out of the Daiichi plant make it around the world in seconds, news updates are available around the clock, activists post radiation readings on maps in multiple languages and Google Translate picks up the slack in translating every last Tweet on the subject coming out of Japan.

In short, it will be a heck of a lot harder to keep a lid on things than it was 25 years ago.


By Brandon Turbeville

While Donald Trump garnered praise from many anti-imperialist activists and researchers after his public announcement that he was ending the CIA’s program of arming terrorists in Syria, it appears much of that praise will be short-lived. Certainly, many expected a sleight of hand from the Trump administration and the Deep State, and now evidence has surfaced showing that the U.S. government has simply shifted the focus of arming terrorists from one agency to another.

Trump never ended the Pentagon program, viewed as a much smaller initiative. However, documents recently revealed are showing that the program is officially set to continue in the arena of $2 billion over the next five or so years. Given the secrecy of the program, however, many believe the monetary value of the weapons shipments is much higher.

A new report released by two international weapons monitoring groups, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), confirmed on Tuesday that the Pentagon is continuing to ship massive amounts of weapons to Syria. In addition, the Department of Defense is attempting to destroy its own paper trail. Both the OCCRP and the BIRN provided conclusive evidence that the Pentagon is shipping in up to $2.2 billion worth of weapons from private weapons dealers to terrorists in Syria. They also provided evidence that the DOD is altering paperwork such as end-user certificates in order to hide its involvement.

This story now echoes the early revelations made by Bulgarian reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva who reported on the use of diplomatic flights as cover for weapons shipments by the anti-Syria coalition from those countries to terrorists in Syria, Yemen, and other locations. Gaytandzhieva was subsequently interrogated and fired from her job at Trud.

The OCCRP and BIRN actually published a number of internal US Defense procurement filesafter their own extensive investigation. These files showed that the Pentagon is running a major weapons trafficking pipeline that reaches from the Balkans and the Caucuses but which ends in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere. The program is part of the “train and equip” program for the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces), a collection of Arab Muslim terrorists and fanatical Kurds mainly from the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and YPG respectively.

The mouthpiece of the Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Policy, has covered the issue as well. FP’s article states,

The Department of Defense has budgeted $584 million specifically for this Syrian operation for the financial years 2017 and 2018, and has earmarked another $900 million of spending on Soviet-style munitions between now and 2022. The total, $2.2 billion, likely understates the flow of weapons to Syrian rebels in the coming years.

. . . . .

According to the report, many of the weapons suppliers — primarily in Eastern Europe but also in the former Soviet republics, including Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Ukraine — have both links to organized crime throughout Eastern Europe and spotty business records.

The sheer amount of material necessary for the Pentagon program — one ammunition factory announced it planned to hire 1,000 new employees in 2016 to help cope with the demand — has reportedly stretched suppliers to the limit, forcing the Defense Department to relax standards on the materials it’s willing to accept..

As Zero Hedge comments,

It is likely that the organized crime association is the reason why the Pentagon has sought to alter its records. In addition, the sheer volume of weaponry continuing to ship to the Syrian battlefield and other parts of the Middle East means inevitable proliferation among unsavory terror groups – a phenomenon which has already been exhaustively documented in connection with the now reportedly closed CIA program to topple the Syrian government. The associations and alliances among some of the Arab former FSA groups the DoD continues to support in the north and east remains fluid, which means means US-supplied weapons will continue to pass among groups with no accountability for where they end up.

Seven of the documents published by the two international watchdog organizations show clear doctoring and tampering by the DOD. In some of the original documents, one can see the end user listed. After the document has been tampered with, the end user has been removed.

Ivan Angelovski, one of the authors of the watchdog report, told Foreign Policy that, “The Pentagon is removing any evidence in their procurement records that weapons are actually going to the Syrian opposition.”

Balkan Insight, the website that is hosting the report, states that “Seven US procurement documents were whitewashed to remove reference to ‘Syria’ after reporters contacted the Pentagon to enquire about whether the exporting countries – Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Georgia – had been informed of the destination.”

Foreign Policy, which has traditionally acted as the cheerleader for any and all operations undertaken to destroy the Syrian government, also stated that the U.S. policy is “turbocharging” the “shadowy world of Eastern European arms dealers.” While not shocking, the reports both confirm the information documented by Gaytandzhieva and the fact that the United States is continuing to move ahead with the arming of terrorists in Syria, most likely with the idea of Balkanization and Federalization in mind for the future. At best, the terrorists being used for Balkanization and the creation of Kurdistan has taken precedence over and replaced the terrorists being used for a direct assault on the Syrian government. At worst, it is a sleight of hand by the Trump administration designed to distract and divert attention from America’s terrorist mill.


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